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Art can be divided into understandable to everyone or having a narrow circle of people who understand, but in any case it will be art, because it has the main thing - emotion, the soul invested in the work by its author.


Why talk about art?

It is important not to make a separate world out of art, fenced with pathos and a mass of incomprehensible terms. Artists, sculptors, photographers strive to have their work seen. Witnesses - ideally. The task of the audience, ordinary people, perhaps, who accidentally entered the gallery, is the human minimum - to see, let through, love or reject. To do this, you do not need to be an art historian or connoisseur of contemporary art. It is enough not to lose interest in what is happening in the world around us.
I am sure that a person cannot live without art. How worthwhile it is is another question. Everyone chooses what he can comprehend. But don't underestimate yourself! Art helps to grow, encourages self-improvement. It happens that when you see a picture, a person's life changes forever. Insight is what painters and sculptors work for day and night. If a painting or sculpture manages to light a fire in another person, the sacrifice of Prometheus was not in vain. Don't be afraid to be interested in art! In polite society, they are not talking about tablets, expensive resorts or diamonds. A modern educated person must know the key names of the art world, otherwise he is just a dummy. Go to exhibitions, draw your own conclusions, discuss what you see! Art trains the imagination, stimulates thinking, which degrades more and more from endless “likes” and “retweets”.

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Digital Art
Katharine Moon 06-03-2022

Today, the possibilities for creativity and self-expression are truly endless. New technologies allow you to create anything from anything, so the most promising and actively developing direction in art is digital art.

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Nelda Weaver 12-03-2022

During the Renaissance, not only men, but also women created ingenious works of art with the help of brushes and paints, not everyone heard. Now they are not talked about as much as about the world-renowned creators of the Renaissance, although at one time these artists were almost more popular than their male counterparts.

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Lorene Villan  21-03-2022

Today, graffiti is seen as a form of conceptual art, street art that transforms the urban environment. In particular, such drawings change residential areas with monotonous high-rise buildings. At the same time, not all images on the walls can be attributed to art.


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