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Digital Art

Digital art (also called multimedia or new media art) combines many forms. These are digital painting and illustration, photography and sculpture, 3D graphics, game art, interactive installations and much more. Countless digital creations are united by the fact that they are all created using a computer, smartphone and other gadgets.
The first digital works of art began to appear as early as the 1960s. John Whitney, for example, experimented with primitive analog PCs that he built himself. Especially famous for his animated intro to the Hitchcock film "Vertigo". Among the pioneers of the direction was also Charles Suri. He managed to generate an image of a hummingbird on a computer and “send” the bird into flight. The term digital art itself began to be used in the early 80s with the advent of the AARON computer program. It was first used by the artist Harold Cohen. He placed a large canvas on the floor and, with the help of a robot, applied an image to it, which can now be seen in the Tate Gallery in London.
Digital art is transforming along with the development of new technologies. Every day, contemporary artists have more and more tools for creating works and platforms for their placement. The Internet and social networks give complete freedom to a variety of artists - this is a real revolution in the art space.

Now Instagram is becoming the main platform for getting acquainted with any kind of art. Talented authors create their blogs and gain millions of subscribers by setting popular thematic trends in digital art. American artist Mike Winkelman has attracted audiences with his grotesque, hyper-real works on socially sensitive subjects, as well as imagery from video games and science fiction films.
There are really a lot of digital artists, and everyone has their own unique style and techniques. But there is also a downside to the rapid surge of digital creativity - digital art is almost impossible to describe and systematize. Every day, tens of thousands of new works are created, exhibited and published around the world. It is impossible to predict which of the artists will remain in history, and who will disappear into the network, having received their fleeting moments of fame.

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